Great Websites for Home Study!

Resources for Listening

Lyrics Training

Voice of America: Learning English

ESL Video: Videos with interactive quizes and tasks

FLUENTU: learn while watching real videos

English Like a native - a playlist on some of the various accents around the uk

Resources for Speaking

Populang: Tools to help you improve your speaking!

Resources for Grammar

English Adam: Studyzone - lots on grammar, especially the complete course on Mastery of the Tenses

YouTube: Canguro English - grammar and much more for the discerning student of English!

Resources for Memorizing Vocabulary

OXFORD DICTIONARY BLOG: Weekly Word Watch - read about topical words to really make them stick in your memory

DUOLINGO : English, memorize words and phrases

ReadLang - read and learn

Lingq - award winning way to learn from content you love

Other useful resources, tools, services, websites

Google Chrome Dictionary by Google (plug in): click on a word in an article and get the meaning!

SKELL: Get genuine examples of how we use words in real life!

Find Collocations: What words do we use with other words?

Learner`s Dictionary : a dictionary specifically for learners

Grammarly - a tool to check your email for errors and vocabulary use!

Resources for Writing

Here are some links that could be of interest!