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"How Native Speakers Really Use The Tenses."

-Essential Ideas to Understand English-

A FREE interactive course!

Here are JUST THREE of my favourite students' reactions from teaching this course for OVER 10 years!

Teachers, grammar books, videos have just useless little rules!"
"I can't believe how many hours... YEARS! ... I wasted before learning THIS!! Thanks!"
"Finally! Now the tenses make complete sense! I still make mistakes but now I understand WHY!!!"

"So teachers and books are wrong?"

"Well... Don't just take my word for it..."

Here are just 5 examples of
...Teaching V Reality

What the English teaching world tells you.

What we actually say.

Click to show

What we actually say.

What reality teaches us.

Click to show

What reality teaches us.

So REALITY just has more rules than the classroom?
Not really!

This course doesn't teach ANY lists!

It teaches how each tense has a MEANING.
And it shows that Native Speakers
(without even understanding)
constantly use these MEANINGS to COMMUNICATE.

Even if you disagree with the idea,
even if you disagree with all the evidence,
shouldn't you at least know
what the currently most complete paradigm of the tenses says?

This FREE interactive course is based on the amazing book "The English Verb" by celebrated author Michael Lewis.
Thank you Michael!
The course uses an interactive format - the main information is explained in a click-to-show dialogue format and then there are number of flashcards to allow continued practice of the concepts.

There is a reason why students and learners of English can get most of the tenses correct, but often they still make wrong choices. And the reason is that they have only been taught half the facts. You have only been taught an 'oversimplification' of the rules because the reality is more difficult, it requires a change of perspective that most teachers are not given the possibility to teach - or more likely... maybe the teacher doesn't even know themselves!

But Micheal Lewis said at the end of the book:

"I can think of nothing more unsatisfactory than that teachers should now take the explanations offered in this book and present them to their students!"

BUT I DISAGREE! Students deserve to make their own mind up!

Maybe the concepts are difficult... maybe they are 'only' right 99.99% of the time... maybe it would be difficult to put into practice... maybe maybe maybe BUT that is for the MILLIONS OF LEARNERS TO DECIDE! In this book there is an analysis of reality that is MUCH BETTER than any of the lists of grammar rules that students are forced to learn, lists of uses with the never ending list of 'exceptions'. But here is a complete and unified system that makes it all UNDERSTANDABLE!

And when you understand the differences in meaning... then it is easy to recognise the differences between things that are 'almost the same thing'...for example...

"These are almost the same." note...'ALMOST'!

("Almost the same"... = "Different")

Know the differences in meaning, do you?

The English Tenses have been silenced. Muted. By continually saying how we 'Use X to say this' we are doing things the wrong way round. We are stopping them from how they really 'work' in 'the wild'. They have been made specimens in a museum; Killed, Stuffed, and Over-Simplified. It's time to see how they live in pure 'native' REALITY!! :-)

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