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Reported Speech 2: Questions

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Reported Speech: 2
Reported Speech: Questions

When you report any question, two things should be remembered:
Firstly, choice of tense follows the same logic as normal reported speech.
Secondly, word order is no longer like a question, but as a normal statement.
  • "What is your name?"
    • She asked me what my name was.
    • NOT ...what was my name.
  • "Are you having a good time?"
    • He wondered if I was having a good time.
    • NOT ...if was I having a good time.
    • (Note how 'Yes/No' questions, now use 'IF'. See more below.)
  • "Where are you from?"
    • They asked him what his name was.
  • "What do you study?"
    • We asked you what you studied.
When the question uses Question Words (When What Where Whose How Who):
Use the question word, but
Do NOT use the question auxiliary Do (do, did, don't, etc).
  • "Who do you live with?"
    • He asked me who I lived with.
    • NOT ...who did I live with.
  • "Where did you go last year?"
    • They asked me where I went last year.
    • NOT ...where did I go lst year.
    • OR
    • They asked me where I had gone last year.
      • Here the auxiliary is fine, because it is not 'do'.
When reporting 'Yes' / 'No' questions:
Use IF or WHETHER, the meaning is the same.
Do NOT use the question auxiliary Do (do, did, don't, etc).
  • "Did you study Latin?"
    • He asked me if I had studied Latin.
    • He asked me whether I had studied Latin.
  • "Do you go on Saturdays?"
    • She asked me if/whether I went on Saturdays.
    • NOT ...if do I go...
[Sourced: EnglishAdam.com]

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